Sunday, November 20, 2011

On the topic of food

It's been harder recently. I write each day but allow the vagueness of internet and ill children dissuade me from publishing. I've noticed that a 98% finished piece of work has less chance of being finished than the proverbial Snowball in H-E double toothpicks.
So. If I fell down the steps I'd get up. Here to I will simply get up. Besides. Life for me just got more interesting.
I've got new allergies. YAY. I mean who doesn't want to be the lady blocking your access to the spaghetti sauce while reading every fricking label trying to speed read the worlds smallest font in the ingredients list!
I must be on everyone's Walmart 'Bingo' card.
No more eggs. Ever. That just makes my heart hurt. That means no omelets of souffle's. No meringue or challah..... no more blissful golden yolks smothered in hollandaise...... Eggs are important gosh darn it! My bacon will be forever unadorned by golden manna!
It also means that with no eggs and no soy I will never again use any nifty American shortcuts in little Betty Crocker Boxes....not ever again. All the things I loved about home cuisine in America are gone. Biscuits and crescent rolls IN A CAN! How awesome? Way awesome! nope. I may not have some. Caramel rolls. little packets of 'just add meat' Mexican food. Add that to no more Chinese Takeaway and the fact that the sausages here are truly and unforgivably terrible and you can see why I'm feeling a little blue. Especially since down home cooking in the South really is 1001 ways to turn condensed soup in to something else that is delicious. a marvel? yep, can i have it? no.

Faced with this I am making curry tonight. The long way..... Then I'm having a large could cider. (still allowed pending more pokes and prods after Tgiving)
So. If you find actual food without eggs, soy, msg, tuna, egg white, lecithin, vegetable oil or Fun anywhere in it drop me a line. until then I'm down to curry rice and fruit. which isn't a bad way to go unless you think about the fact that i will feed this to my family and then shut them in a sealed box for 980 miles. this needs a back up plan.... or a gas mask.

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