Friday, November 4, 2011

In which things get better

It's really been a week. My Aunt called it a 'revolving door'. She was right, our insurance cards are practically smoking. Weeks like this are, historically, hell for all families. In our case the fact that every pediatricians visit contained the phrase 'just pin down your child's head/legs/arms.' made it even more stressful for everyone. Granted sometimes you do have to keep the squirmy wiggly and wounded from preventing the doctors from torturing healing them...but every visit? seriously? I don't even have a wiggly kid. He's actually pretty darned tractable and will do all sorts of things provided you don't try to....oh sit on him or pin him down first.
I had vets like this. The ones that out macho the Rottweilers. The one that demands you rack tie Dobbin the Wonder Horse (the one with three legs, one tooth and a love of sugar) The only thing it ever does is end in a fight. Because you started with one.
Rottweilers like food and scratched ears as much as the next dog. lots of them will sit nice and still with minimal interference. Dobbin only reared because the people he likes suddenly went whacko and chained him tight to the wall like he was a wild and intractable beast.....And Mr Pediatrician? My kid is screaming and struggling because you prefer the 'pry it open and see whats what' method over 'say AHHHHHHH'.
Last night brought fever and tears that let me know we were about to test the new Doctor. Not a pediatrician. My doctor. Worse I wouldn't be there as I'm confined to my house till I stop needing all these inhalers. It was Fine. The same casual and warm office manner that had endeared Dr G to me extended to my toddler. The nurses fussed and petted him. No one forced him to do anything that wasn't absolutely necessary. A miracle has occurred. A 'fit in' appointment at 8:45 that took exactly 30 mins. by 9:15 my husband and the tot were back in James (the minivan) and on the way to the pharmacy.

In which Miracle No.2 Occurs at the Pharmacy

Of course this week wouldn't have been complete without having to dance for our meds at every dang chemist in town because no one ever has all the required medicine in one place.... plus 90 minutes of arguing over insurance benefits.
After abandoning Target and Walmart after many consecutive shortages and screw ups my husband happened to pick CVS as our next stop. The Lady there had helped with my medicine in 15 minutes. Could this miracle be repeated? Could they fill two prescriptions in a row?
'This isn't covered by your insurance.' was rapidly followed by 'We don't have any because its new....Monday soonest.'
So home he returns with poorly tot to let me coddle and nips back to figure out what to do.
Less than a popsicle later he was home again with a bag and a smile. When he got back to the pharmacy counter the pharmacist had looked at the medicine worked out which over the counter product my insurance company was basing its denial on and calculated the replica dose for toddler. Then written it all out to make sure I understood. She was smiling and waiting to explain how this would work. If that wasn't okay for us the 'prescription' version could be there Monday for $36.
Needless to day I did not order the script yet.... They said they were ordering some anyway but I suspect the OTC will do awesomely.
She even made sure I had plenty of dosing syringes and that his nasty pink antibiotics were appropriately flavoured.
Now all tha'ts left is for me to brave Walmart and make 'poorly Curry' because we're strange that way.

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