Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Each and Every Day:- the RULES

I promise myself regularly that I will write. It's an important promise, to me anyway, which is why I keep right on making it. Over and over again. It's like everyone else's life. I'm busy. Playing with my toddler is more important or at least more immediate. There's nursing school in the New Year (another long term goal) and meals to cook and floors to hoover. Potty training and all its joys are ahead. Also I would like to actually work out, have friends. You know... have a life. whatever that is. I'm probably on a conflicting schedule.
Nil desperandum though,. or whatever you're supposed to say when you tighten your boot straps and march into the fray!
Here goes the grand scheme. The promise. To myself and for myself.

I will write.

Each and Every Day.

For ONE (1) Full year.

It may not be pretty or artistic. It may never once be on topic. I will still write something. Truth or fiction. Maybe even my mothers recipe for roast beef. Sometimes I will write more than one but NEVER less.
These are the rules. I like rules and I really like making them ;-) Maybe by the end of the year my writing will improve enough that I won't feel like a doofus every single time I hit 'Publish'. Or not.

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