Friday, November 4, 2011

Chicken and Dressing pie

Last week my best Gal Pal came for lunch and a fabric ordering session. I was at the start of my current battle with pneumonia (non contagious) but badly wanted something that tasted like the chicken and dressing soup. The one that always got made with the leftover paxo and veg from Sundays roast. This is what I landed up making. It really wasn't as much work as it sounds. Especially if you consider I made mine in slippers while watching my toddler and croaking along to the songs of the street (sesame)
So here it is!

Chicken and Dressing Pie recipe.

half an onion diced
1 bag of broccoli stir fry. frozen (pick out the water chestnuts as best you can)
2 snack packs baby carrots cut on the bias
2 split breasts well seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika .
paxo/or sage dressing of choice prepared a little dry and sticky.
puff pastry (thawed)
bay leaf 
2 boullion cube 
diced potato (1 cup?)
 water 2c

Right. Crank up the oven to 375-400 deg. bung the dressing in in your biggest casserole, spread the frozen veg on a baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper. toss on the sheet and bake till they start to caramelize a bit. 
Using the big pasta pan...... saute the baby carrots and the onion till they also begin to caramelize (feel free to ramp up the flavour and your hips with a dollop of butter) put the veg aside and then sear the breasts hard to seal them being sure not to flip them too soon.
de-glaze the pan with half the water and add two bullion cubes. back goes the chicken along with the rest of the water the veg and the diced potatoes. (bay leaf too) 
meanwhile roll both pieces of puff pastry out to match and then 'glue' them together with molten butter. chill in the fridge. 
when the stuffing is done chunk it up in the dish you baked it in and start adding things straight to the casserole. when the chicken has been in at least 20mins pull and chunk the chicken. 
when you're ready pour the whole thing into the stuffing and veggie mix. top with the puff pastry (brush with butter or egg wash for crunch and colour) bake till golden 30-45min

The thing about recipes like this is that they really aren't recipes. it's just the stuff I had in  my pantry turned into a close approximation of what i fancied eating at the time. Everything is fairly approximate and can almost always be substituted) I did find that the stuffing absorbed a bit more of the sauce than I expected and it could have been done in a larger casserole than I had and been that much crunchier. 

Time required:- 15 minutes chopping rolling and faffing around plus about 10 minutes of randomly checking and stirring things over the course of about an hour or so. 

Serves A Bunch. (perhaps my buddy will provide a guesstimation :-)

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